What happens when we lose somebody? What happens to our mental image of that person? Do we start idealizing them? Or do we suddenly see them as a monster? 'Underworlds' follows a modern-day Orpheus on his search for Eurydice who exists only as a fragment of his memories.

'Underworlds' was created from the video recording of a site-specific dance performance. The performance and the short film were realized as no-budget productions.

Producer, Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Mahela Rostek

Movement Director: Karin Fisher-Potisk

Lighting: Valentina Tamiolaki

Sound Designer: Simon Katan

Costume Maker: Anita Kwasniewski

Text: Debbie Kent

Performers: Joseph Mercier, Sylvia Beynon, Bronwen Sharp, Paloma Valdivia

Photos © Mahela Rostek