Land­scape II

Paris, 2008

Within the performance, my body itself turns into a work of art. The spectators are looking through a glass window onto the terrace. From this perspective, the performance looks like a framed three-dimensional image. In the background: the city in shades of blue and grey. In the foreground: a sculpture by Alexander Calder which, through the use of negative space, seems light and partially transparent. As I move in my red costume between glass and sculpture, the work of art acquires a fourth layer.

Concept & Performance: Mahela Rostek

Choreography: Karin Fisher-Potisk

Les Jeudi's au Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Sculpture by Alexander Calder ('Nageoire', 1964)

Photos © Michael Eleftheriades, Manfred Rostek