Performance Art

All Animals are Equal

Berlin, 2013

On entering the installation one sees a large painting which shows seven animals at a table: a pig sprawling lazily on one side, a cock proudly fluffing its feathers, a scaredy rabbit jumping off the table in fear… . On the opposite side of the room, seven animal masks are lined up on the wall. Each masks hangs next to a mirror and a text describing the proverbial character traits of the animal. The participants are invited to put on the masks and to discover facets of the fox, the pig, or the cock within themselves. Next to the painting, a staircase leads down to the basement, which can only be entered wearing a mask. In the basement, the visitors can sit down at a table and meet other masked “animals”.

Mahela Rostek: performance concept, masks, performer

Lilla von Puttkamer: painting, drawings, performer

The work was shown at Berlin festival '48 Stunden Neukölln 2013'.

Special thanks to: Monika Dargatz, Nikolaus Kirstein
Kindly supported by Kulturraum Mainzer7 e.V.

Photos © Nikolaus Kirstein, Sabine Münch