Crane Stories


In many countries, stories and legends are told about the crane as a mythical being. The crane is a symbol of good fortune and harbinger of spring. It represents longevity, loyalty, vigilance and wisdom. In this ongoing film project, I retell some of these fables and stories from different parts of the world in a new way. The short films also show images of the luminous paper cranes from my art project

Director, camera, narrator: Mahela Rostek

Editor: Andy Kaiser

Sponsored with a micro-grant from the Ministry of Science and Culture of the state of Brandenburg.

Der Dank des Kranichs (The Crane's Gratitude)


In the midst of a cold winter, an old Japanese couple receives a visit from an enchanting girl. They take her in like a daughter, but she has a secret and when the couple find out about it, the girl must leave them forever. A tale from Japan.

Der Kranich und seine Kinder (The Crane and its Children)


A fable from Lithuania.